T-SHOCKS | Shock Absorber Collection

TGS offers wide range of shock absorbers which are being used in trucks and commercial vehicles.

A shock absorber or damper is a mechanical or hydraulic device designed to absorb and damp shock impulses.

In a vehicle, shock absorbers reduce the effect of traveling over rough ground, leading to improved ride quality and vehicle handling. While shock absorbers serve the purpose of limiting excessive suspension movement, their intended sole purpose is to damp spring oscillations. Main applications of T-SHOCKS are rear and fronts of truck cabins, front and rear of truck chassis, front and rear of bus chassis and trailer suspensions.

MERCEDES Sprinter III (906)/Sprinter 3/5 (906)

  • MERCEDES Sprinter III (906)/Sprinter 3/5 (906), CHASSIS

    TGS Code
    - 314608 V1177
    Oem Codes
    9063201231 9063200031 9063200131
    9063200231 9063200531 9063200731
    9063200831 9063200931 9063201131